Monday, 25th June 2012
2.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Opening Lecture: The nuclear decommissioning process

Session 1: Involvement with society and stakeholders

Stakeholders' involvement, Regulatory issues, Site Redevelopment

Tuesday, 26th June 2012
9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m
Session 2: Radiological characterization, D&D
Facilities' characterization and inventory, In-Situ decontamination, Cutting and dismantling techniques

Session 3: Final Radiological Survey
Characterisation and release of facilities in decommissioning

Wednesday, 27th June 2012
9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m
Session 4: Hands-on Visit to JRC WM Facilities
Thursday, 28th June 2012
9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m
Session 5: Radiation Protection
Effects of low doses, Operational radiation protection in D&WM, Environmental radiation protection.

Session 6: Operational Decommissioning Experience
in Europe

Operational experience in The Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Eastern European Countries

Friday, 29th June 2012
9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Session 7: Waste Management
Materials' decontamination system, waste and materials characterisation systems, waste treatment and conditioning, final waste packaging and waste repositories.